Thank you for finding out about the Blank Spaces Santa Monica/ Santa Monica Coworking situation.  If you'd like copy a copy of court documents served upon Jerome Chang, please click this link:


A declaration for the court also lays out the details methodically, and can be found here:

I can present any supporting documentation. 



If you'd like to talk to me about it at all, please call 310 933 3500.  Or please click on these words to fill out a contact form and I will call you back. 

Here is a copy of the text of a letter about payments to Blank Spaces that I sent to Santa Monica Co-working (aka Blank Spaces) customers:

June 13, 2017


To:          Blank Spaces Santa Monica (aka “Santa Monica Co-Working”) Customers

From:     Nicholas Levenstein, for the Manager of Blank Spaces Santa Monica (AKA “Blank Spaces,” “Santa Monica Co-Working,” “Samoco,” and “BSM”)



Dear Blank Spaces (aka “Santa Monica Co-Working,” Samoco and BSM 2nd Street, LLC) customers,

I managed the location Blank Spaces Santa Monica, under the name “Santa Monica Co-Working” between August of 2014 and December of 2016.  I will soon be taking over again with Natalia Artemyeva and I wanted to introduce myself, tell you how excited I am to work for you and make you aware of one thorny issue.  PLEASE DO NOT PAY BLANKSPACES, JEROME CHANG, Sonia Ecrout, Gabrielle Corse or any of their associates, because it will imperil your deposit.  Court documents that support what I am about to write can be found here and were served upon Jerome Chang in the beginning of April:


This is what you should know:


1.     Samoco/Pine Street Real Estate look forward to attending to your needs soon!

2.     Please direct all payments TO PINE STREET REAL ESTATE as set forth at the end of this letter;

3.     BLA, Chang, Ecrout, and Corse and any associate of BLA have no right whatsoever to demand or accept payments from you as they no longer serve as Manager of BSM;

4.     Payments to BLA, Chang, Ecrout, and Corse may not be credited to your account and if you pay them Pine Street Real Estate, Samoco’s manager, will take no responsibility whatsoever for your deposits.  If you pay us starting today, we will take responsibility for your deposits.  Otherwise, you will have to settle it with Chang.  

5.     BLA, Chang, Ecrout, and Corse have no right to demand you leave.




Ownership and management of Santa Monica Co-Working has changed hands effective February 22, 2017, placing myself, Nicholas Levenstein, through my company Pine Street Real Estate, as manager of Samoco.  While we had hoped for a smooth transition of ownership from Jerome Chang and his company, BLA, in a manner that would not disrupt the day-to-day operations of Santa Monica Co-Working, some issues have arisen that require direct communication with you, our valued customersSpecifically, all rent and other payments to Samoco must now be sent directly to my office as set forth below.  Payments directed to Jerome Cheng or BLANKSPACES may not later be credited to your account with Samoco for rents due.   

As a result of the change of ownership and management, BLA, Chang, Ecrout and Corse no longer have any right to demand or accept payments from you.  Legal proceedings have been commenced but may take several weeks to complete.  All payments made to Samoco at the address below will be credited to your customer account as rents paid going forward.  Payments to BLA, Chang, Ecrout, or Corse may not be credited to your account unless those parties elect to forward those payments to Samoco.  BLA, Chang, Ecrout and Corse have no right to evict you or otherwise demand you leave under any circumstances.  If they do, please contact us and we will notify the Santa Monica Police.


If you need any additional information or documentation, please call me, Nicholas Levenstein, (310) 933-3500 or Andres Rivera, (310) 933-3513.  Feel free to email me for court documents if you need to see them.

Please direct all payments to Samoco as follows:

a.     By check to Samoco, c/o Pine Street Real Estate, LLC, 8605 Santa Monica Blvd #20559
West Hollywood, California 90069-4109

b.     Deposit at Bank of America Account # 4830-4243-1296, ABA Routing
# 021-000-322 

c.     Paypal to

d.     Bitcoin equivalent to 1CEcgMWRnoEp3BCC61d8h79wxQ3djmeFzh

e.     Alternatively, payments may be sent Samoco’s attorneys at Young & Lazzarini, 770 L Street, Ste 950, Sacramento, CA 95814; tel. (916) 929-6865

f.      Please make a note of your name, business, and contract details when payment is made

All funds paid to Pine Street Real Estate or Young & Lazzarini shall be held in trust until resolution of the litigation matters between BSM and BLA. 

Very truly yours,

Pine Street Real Estate, Manager Blank Spaces Santa Monica (AKA “Blank Spaces,” “Santa Monica Co-Working” and “BSM 2nd Street, LLC”)


Nicholas Levenstein